Meet Justyna, Transport Manager at XPO


Justyna Howick

XPO Logistics

Place of study: Apprenticeship level 6 – Management and Leadership

Role: Transport Manager at XPO Logistics on Arla contract in Aylesbury

What do I love about XPO?

Being employed by XPO provided me with the opportunity to both study and work concurrently. Achieving my lifelong goal of completing university became a reality through XPO's support. In addition, I was promoted to the position of Transport Manager, gaining invaluable experience in overseeing others and managing a large, fast-moving goods operation. Throughout my tenure at XPO, I had several chances to attend senior management meetings and take part in the Graduate Assessment Centre, contributing to a rewarding experience. I love being around people and developing my skills, and XPO and my role gives me just that.

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