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Armed forces

  • Royal Marines: career area

    In a career as a Royal Marine officer or commando you'll be part of one of the UK's most elite fighting forces.


  • Royal Navy: career area

    In a career in the Royal Navy you could work on sea and on land to protect the UK's interests and participate in humanitarian operations across the globe.


  • The Army: career area

    An Army career allows you to be at the centre of the action, providing protection, security and humanitarian aid around the world.


  • Royal Air Force: career area

    In a career in the Royal Air Force you can specialise in a wide range of areas and help defend the UK's interests and strengthen international stability.


  • How do I get a graduate job in the armed forces or emergency services?

    Everything you need to know about graduate jobs in the armed forces and emergency services. Whether you want to learn more about working as a firefighter or paramedic, or the attributes you’ll need to succeed in a military career, you can find answers to key questions here.


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