Careers outside London: getting started in finance

Gone are the days when working in central London was essential for starting a successful career in finance or professional services. This webinar challenges some misconceptions about being based in a regional office and offers advice to help you make the best choice for you.

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While London is still a popular location for recent graduates, there’s a growing recognition that it isn’t right for everyone. Some may prefer to stay in their university town, move closer to their family, or simply relocate to a new place that’s outside of the capital. In this webinar we speak to Jane Baker at BDO and Megan Brook at EY, who both work in student recruitment at their respective firms. They discuss the advantages of working outside London as a recent graduate, why the office you’re based in won’t affect the quality of training and support you receive, and why regional cities sometimes provide better opportunities for socialising. Choosing where to start your career is a big decision, so our panellists also suggest some factors you could consider when picking a location.

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