How to pick the right graduate role for you at Aviva

21 Jun 2023, 15:41

With graduate jobs in actuarial, accountancy and technology, which Aviva programme best fits your strengths? Explore the options and match your skills to a role.

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When choosing your shortlist of graduate schemes or jobs to apply for, it pays to look beyond the name of the programme and find out what it really involves. Picking a role based on your skills and interests will not only allow you to discover opportunities you didn’t know you could do: it will help you to demonstrate your motivation in the recruitment process and ensure you are a good fit, so you’ll be happier and more fulfilled once you start work. Read on to discover Aviva’s graduate programmes and match yourself to the right one for you.

Graduate roles at Aviva

Alongside its Graduate Leadership Programme, Aviva offers rotational graduate schemes in accountancy and actuarial as well as a range of ‘straight-to-desk’ roles in technology (immediate, permanent jobs, accompanied by lots of developmental opportunities). These different but equally exciting routes into your career will empower you to drive change within the business and help solve problems for Aviva’s customers.

Previous experience in a related role isn’t essential and you don’t need to have studied accounting, actuarial science or computer science at university. This means that the perfect scheme for you might be one that you’ve never considered with your particular background.

Lillie Coles, a graduate solution architect, observes: ‘I have been given the opportunity to learn about solution architecture having never done it before, and it has surprised me how I have been trusted, encouraged and empowered to take on this role without having an IT-focused background. It’s refreshing to think that Aviva saw who I am as a person, felt that I would be a good fit for this role and provided the opportunities to learn within the role itself, rather than expecting me to be an expert from day one.’

Find your fit

So, how can you find out whether what’s on offer is right for you? That’s where your transferable skills and personality come in. Picking a graduate role that matches up to your strengths and interests will give you the best possible chance of success, both in your application and after you start work.

Start by trying the Fit Finder tool on Aviva’s graduate website . Answer a few quick questions about yourself and the tool will give you an indication of the programmes and roles that may suit you best.

Read on for an at-a-glance guide to Aviva’s graduate roles and what they entail.


What it involves: Actuaries manage risk to help people and organisations protect themselves from the unexpected using a combination of data, innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology. This programme usually lasts four years and you’ll move to a different actuarial team every eighteen months or so. You’ll be supported to qualify as an actuary – and a leader too.

Entry requirements: a 2.1 degree in a numerical or STEM discipline, as well as three A levels including at least a grade B in maths.

Actuarial might suit you if: you’re a natural problem solver and innovative thinker who would enjoy analysing complex data and turning it into meaningful insights.

Insights from a current graduate: ‘In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve already been involved in carrying out analyses, presenting findings to senior managers, preparing reports and implementing changes,’ says actuarial graduate trainee Salman Ahmad. ‘I’ve also learned new skills, such as using the programming language SQL. Part of my role involves looking at aspects of our pricing methodology and suggesting improvements. I feel like I’m listened to whenever I suggest a change.’


What it involves: Accountancy is about solving problems and thinking strategically, influencing every decision Aviva makes and every policy it produces. The three-year scheme will see you undertaking year-long placements across different finance teams. Along the way, you’ll qualify as a chartered accountant full of leadership potential.

Entry requirements: a 2.1 degree in any subject.

Accountancy might suit you if: you’re commercially minded, strategic and keen to learn and bring fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Insights from a current graduate: ‘I love problem solving and was keen to enter a field that would enable me to apply an analytical mind to solve business issues,’ says Sophie Battrick, a chartered accountancy graduate. ‘I thought a role in the insurance industry would be interesting as it would enable me to experience accounting from a different angle to that offered by audit firms. The scheme is a great opportunity to gain experience in a variety of different finance roles within Aviva while studying towards a valuable qualification.’


What it involves: Aviva has a whole host of technology roles across different business areas, grouped into pathways . You’ll join Aviva in a permanent graduate role rather than a rotational scheme, but there’ll be plenty of career development opportunities and you’ll be supported to study for professional qualifications.

Entry requirements: a degree in any subject, plus a minimum of five GCSEs at grades A*–C (9–4) or equivalent including English and maths. Some coding experience is required for software development roles, but previous technology experience isn’t essential for the rest.

Technology might suit you if: you are a confident communicator with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, a love of learning and the motivation to make an impact. You’ll also need to demonstrate a genuine interest in technology and a passion for using it to help customers.

Insights from a current graduate: ‘I think a career in technology appealed to me because it is all about innovation, and technology is always changing and advancing,’ says Lillie Coles. ‘Technology teams are also extremely broad in terms of opportunities – from solution design, UX design or coding to roles such as project managers, business analysts or scrum masters – so there are lots of different people to learn from and many career possibilities.’

Ready to apply?

For actuarial and accountancy you’ll apply for the relevant graduate programme, while for technology you’ll select one of four pathways.

You’ll need to attach your CV and fill in an online application form, including questions on your motivation for applying to the programme you’ve chosen. That’s where matching yourself to the right role is helpful. Aviva wants to hear about what you enjoy doing as well as what you are good at, so don’t hesitate to let your enthusiasm shine through.

‘During your application, I would simply advise being yourself,’ accountancy graduate Sophie Battrick recommends. ‘Aviva really values getting to know people as individuals, and even if you don’t think you quite fit the requirements, it may end up being the perfect job for you!’

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