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Six reasons you should apply for a Standard Chartered graduate role

21 Jun 2023, 15:42

Jemma Richards is an associate within the structured export finance team at Standard Chartered. She shares her top six reasons why applying to work at the financial institution is the best decision you can make for your banking career.

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Jemma Richards first joined Standard Chartered as a summer intern in 2019, following a ‘women in banking’ insight day. ‘I was really interested in Standard Chartered’s global footprint and the access that could give me to work abroad,’ she says.

After her internship, she returned to the bank on its 12-to-18-month rotational international graduate programme. ‘I rotated through client and customer segments as well as business support functions. I gained a global network of colleagues and friends and learned a considerable amount about the banking industry and the products within it,’ she explains.

Now an associate within the structured export finance team, Jemma reflects on her time as a Standard Chartered graduate. She shares her top six reasons why joining the programme was such a rewarding start to her career and why you should apply.

1. Standard Chartered graduates own their development

Throughout the graduate programme, you’ll play a central role in determining your professional development. ‘You are given flexibility within your business segment rotations to decide what departments you would like to work in depending on your interests,’ says Jemma.

The bank ensures that there is ample support on hand to help guide you through your training and development. ‘Throughout the process, both the early careers team and your manager are there to help you make decisions on the different options available to you,’ she explains.

Indeed, Standard Chartered champions employees taking ownership of their development. ‘I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to choose my own personal training and development opportunities based on the specific career path I was interested in,’ she adds.

2. Graduates have a range of responsibilities

Along with receiving flexible and well-rounded training and development, graduates are trusted to actively contribute to the success of the bank. ‘I spent time on calls with clients and various stakeholders, helped determine the structure of deals, produced the appropriate documents, and liaised with other teams within the bank and externally,’ Jemma remembers.

This variety of responsibilities was one of the most attractive features of the graduate programme for Jemma. ‘Teams are very keen to get graduates involved as much as possible and every day differs across your various rotations within the bank,’ she says.

3. Standard Chartered has a unique global footprint

Securing a graduate role at Standard Chartered means you’ll be working at a leading provider of sustainable international financing. ‘We play a huge part in the financing of emerging markets, helping to develop the transition to more sustainable solutions,’ Jemma shares. ‘One of my rotations was with the sustainable finance team and I was able to see first-hand the real-world impact that we make, beyond the strategy that we publish.’

Jemma’s rotation within the sustainable finance team was a perfect preliminary for the sustainable transactions that she supports in her current role. ‘More recently, as part of the structured export finance team, we have financed multiple projects such as new railways, water supplies and hospitals, all with an environmental and/or social impact.’

Jemma Richards first joined Standard Chartered as an intern and is now an associate within the structured export finance team.

Jemma Richards, an associate at Standard Chartered, standing against a City backdrop with a glass of white wine.

4. Graduates experience the global scale of Standard Chartered

The opportunity to meet new people from a range of diverse backgrounds is another aspect of the Standard Chartered graduate experience that takes place on an international level.

‘The 97 graduates from all of our global offices travelled to Hanoi, Vietnam, to meet for a four-day trip. I met colleagues from across all departments and regions of the bank and gained further insights into the exciting markets we operate in – especially in African, Asian and Middle Eastern nations,’ Jemma explains. ‘I am looking forward to more travel in my current role and the opportunities to work internationally at Standard Chartered.’

5. Diversity is key to the success of Standard Chartered

The international nature of Standard Chartered’s operation plays directly into its diverse and inclusive culture. ‘My team is very diverse: we are 31 individuals based in nine countries, with 19 languages spoken between everyone,’ Jemma says.

But Standard Chartered’s diverse and inclusive nature goes much further than its internal policies. ‘Not only do we champion our own diversity and inclusion, but at the core of Standard Chartered’s strategy is lifting participation and increasing financial inclusion for our customers and clients,’ explains Jemma.

Take the bank’s ‘supplier diversity’ initiative as an example. This is the Standard Chartered commitment to working with businesses throughout the supply chain that are at least 51% owned by diverse individuals or groups.

6. Graduates join a huge support network

Standard Chartered has run its graduate scheme for over 30 years, meaning that every new graduate is welcomed by a wealth of knowledge and experience. ‘One of the best aspects of working at Standard Chartered is that there are generations of ex-graduates here who understand what it is like to be joining the banking industry as a fresh graduate,’ Jemma says. ‘There is a great deal of respect for graduates at the bank, and a willingness from everyone to provide the time to teach and help you develop the skills needed.’

However, this supportive culture at Standard Chartered extends well beyond the graduate programme. ‘Your network and learning trajectory are constantly evolving at the bank and are some of your greatest assets within the job,’ Jemma says.

Next steps to beginning your journey to Standard Chartered

Head to Standard Chartered’s employer hub on targetjobs where you’ll find information about the bank’s culture, values and working environment. You’ll also find career opportunities, including internship positions and roles on the international graduate programme.

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