Why you should attend a Bank of America event

Last updated: 21 Jun 2023, 15:41

Consider attending one of Bank of America’s recruitment events for students and graduates. Here's what you can expect.

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Every autumn Bank of America hosts recruitment events for students keen to embark on a career with the organisation. Once again, this year these events are being held virtually. But what are they, what do they involve and what are the benefits of attending one? We spoke with Kate Eggers, EMEA Head of Talent Attraction, Recruitment Marketing & Diversity Sourcing at Bank of America, to find out what happens at a Bank of America event and why it’s worth checking out.

A quick look at the list of this year’s Bank of America events reveals a great variety of topics: you could be introduced to ‘Careers in Risk, Audit, and Corporate Functions’, for example, or gain an in-depth look at investment banking – where you could learn about capital raising, lending, cash management, trade financing, currency risk hedging, lending in local currencies, and more – or get inspired by Women in Technology, where female members of Bank of America’s Technology team will discuss the most interesting projects they have worked on and offer their insights.

What happens at a Bank of America event?

Bank of America events usually take the form of a presentation or a panel discussion, delivered by a mix of recent graduates at the bank, senior professionals and recruitment experts. Some events will also have interactive elements – the Careers in Global Research event, for example, will give you the chance to take part in an interactive workshop where you can discuss what it’s like to work in this area and deepen your understanding of it. You will have the opportunity at all of them to ask questions on the day (there will be chat functionality on all the platforms used) – you don’t need to submit them in advance.

What are the benefits to students and graduates?

These events allow you to get a sense of the culture of the organisation and what it’s like to work in different lines of the business on offer to graduates. They’ll help you decide if both the work and Bank of America itself are a good fit for you. Through the virtual events you will get the opportunity to meet people actually working at the bank – both graduates and more senior figures. You could be meeting your future graduate colleagues, too, amongst the other attendees!

Don’t be shy!

A Bank of America event is also a perfect opportunity to ask any questions you have, about the organisation in general, its roles, working life, ESG policy, you name it – Bank of America encourages you to come forward with your questions. There are also likely to be people involved in recruitment at the events.

Can attending a Bank of America event boost your employability?

Finding out more about your prospective employer will make you more informed and therefore confident when it comes to the application process. Bank of America recruiters will want to see your passion for the firm, and your reasons for applying, so the more you know about it, the better. Additionally, even during the application stage, you can refer to stories you heard at the event, demonstrating that you’ve put real effort into doing your research.


Don’t delay – head to the events page on Bank of America’s website now. Don’t be daunted by the word ‘apply’ – there’s no strict application process to join a Bank of America event. You just need to register, and you’ll then be sent an email with an invitation link in it and instructions.

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