The Boston Consulting Group: how to get hired and what it's like to work there

Emily Middleton is a senior associate at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). She studied philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Oxford.

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My employer’s social impact work stood out to me.

Why BCG?

Its impressive social impact work, and the strength of its apprenticeship model really appealed to me. Many management consultancies emphasise their pro bono work in recruiting material, but my employer’s social impact work stood out to me because of its long-term partnerships with global organisations such as Save the Children, Teach for All and the World Food Programme.

What sort of training and support have you received so far?

By the end of my first year I had spent four weeks in formal training – in London, Munich and Paris – but there's a limit to what you can learn in the classroom. The emphasis here is on learning on-the-job. I've never ceased to be amazed how even in the midst of the busiest project, a more experienced consultant will happily spend an hour helping me with an Excel model or constructing a storyline to explain our recommendations to the client. Consultancy demands an incredibly broad skill set, and the learning curve can be very steep, so it’s great to be working in a firm that takes development particularly seriously.

What sort of projects have you worked on?

In the short time I've worked here, I have written a report on the state of operations in retail banking across three continents, worked on a digital strategy for a national media company, conducted analysis to improve sales at a large insurer, and created a new global team within an international banking group… work is anything but boring!

Tell us about your pro bono work.

There are opportunities to get involved even as a new associate: my very first project focused on the London office's pro bono strategy. I also quickly got involved with other opportunities outside formal project work – I currently tutor a student from a local secondary school in GCSE English for an hour a week, and I'm part of the London office's fundraising team.

How about your work/life balance?

One of the perks of the job is the impressive range of social events that take place after work and on weekends – since joining, I've been skiing in the Alps, sailing near Plymouth, to art exhibitions, a cookery class, and of course countless trips to the local pub. I've made some great friends through work, and the people – who are unfailingly friendly and passionate about what they do – have definitely helped to make my time here so far such a positive experience.

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