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Ten reasons to join FDM Group

21 Jun 2023, 15:42

There are lots of great reasons to consider joining FDM Group as a graduate. We’ve collected ten of the best, plus some top advice from graduates working at the global professional services provider.

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1 A refreshingly inclusive recruitment process

No STEM degree? That isn’t a problem; you can still have a career in tech at FDM Group , as long as you can demonstrate a passion for the tech industry to FDM Group recruiters. FDM hires hundreds of grads each year, with a 50:50 split between candidates applying with STEM and non-STEM degrees. Thomas Dowd, a Salesforce Developer in banking, comments: ‘FDM really gave me a fantastic opportunity to start a career in IT without having had an IT related degree and offered me exposure to some of the UK’s leading companies.’

Allowing recruiters to get a genuine insight into your personality and potential, not just your achievements so far, the three interviews candidates participate in during the final stage of the assessment process are strengths based and CV blind, so interviewers don't see the candidate’s CV prior to the interview. In addition, all FDM employees attend an unconscious bias session, designed to raise awareness of the mental shortcuts and deep-seated thought patterns that can lead to making snap judgements about people based on their characteristics or limited pieces of information.

And if you graduated with a 2.2, that’s not an obstacle at FDM Group; you’re still encouraged to apply.

2 A full-time role from day 1

You'll become a full-time employee from day one of your training and receive a salary. The salary will then increase when you complete training and become an FDM Consultant.

3 Continuing professional development

Your first couple of months at FDM Group will involve instructor-led training through FDM’s Virtual Academy in your chosen pathway FDM offers over 10 different career pathways you can choose, ranging from project management and analysis through to more technical roles such as software development and testing.

After your training, you’ll have access to virtual training sessions that interest you and e-learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and Intuition Know-How. ‘FDM gave me the opportunity to gain experience with their top clients, with ongoing support from the account managers to help track my progress,’ says Samuel Qainoo, Design Analyst in banking. ‘I was also awarded with a BCS certification in Business Analysis; this qualification will remain with me in addition to my degree.’

4 Tech industry gold accreditation

FDM Group is the first organisation to achieve Tech Industry Gold accreditation from TechSKills, so you know the training you receive will be the highest standard possible, boosting your skills, confidence and employability. Consultants at FDM Group are enthusiastic about their training. ‘I thoroughly enjoyed my time in training, learning from some of the best trainers who have a passion for their subject matter and a commitment to empowering consultants like me to succeed on site,’ says Colin McAndrew, FX Trade Support in investment.

5 Support from the word go

The learning and support you’ll receive at FDM Group go way beyond that which you’ll receive during your training, however; even at the application stage, you’ll be guided and have access to advice. For example, if you aren’t sure which pathway to choose when you apply to the graduate programme, FDM recruiters will help you in deciding what stream will be the best fit for you. And when you start to work at a client, you won’t be left alone by FDM; there will be support available for you, in practical areas such as finding accommodation, via the Consultant Experience Team, and wider, such as discussing career goals, via the Consultant Peer Support Network.

6 Diversity

FDM Group firmly believes that having diverse colleagues benefits the individual, the company and its clients. Its culture of diversity and inclusion is something it is rightly proud of. Over 95 nationalities are represented amongst its employees with 86% having attended a state secondary school, and with its SheLivesTech initiative it is committed to breaking down the barriers young females face in entering the tech sector.

Monica Vaja, Business Analyst in Energy, comments, ‘Being a young, British Asian Female representing a minority group in this field feeds the sense of responsibility to do well and encourage others in the same way as those around me.’

7 The first step to a top career

Train with FDM Group and you can go on to lead an exciting career in tech. Be inspired by Briony White, for example, who works as the UK & Americas Lead for Communication, Training and Marketing for a leading bank, contributing to the success of the company's app, or Zeeshan Malik, who is a financial crime analyst at St James Place management Services.
Head to FDM Group’s organisation hub to find many graduates’ career stories to inspire you. You can hear about their experience of training and getting their first roles, and their next steps.

8 The opportunity to work with large, reputable clients

FDM Group’s clients include big names you’ll be familiar with (take a look at FDM’s website for examples), meaning your career in technology at FDM will give you the chance to work with some of the world’s largest and well-known organisations.

9 Top colleagues

Not only will you train with and work alongside other FDM Group consultants – some of whom will become good friends – but you’ll frequently be offered the opportunity to meet with more senior consultants who have gone through the programme, and gain their advice. In addition, there’s a virtual platform you can use to connect and socialise with other graduates. Samuel Quainoo comments: ‘I have many colleagues at different stages of their career, which allows me to get useful advice from those who have vast amounts of experience, receive tips from those who are slightly ahead of me in terms of experience, and as of late as a Consultant Peer Support, be in a position to offer my own advice to those who are just starting their careers on site.’

10 Stay at the forefront of technology

Through FDM’s Academy and dynamic consultancy approach, you will constantly be working on cutting edge technology and on the front line of an ever-evolving sector. FDM’s commitment to its clients means that its consultants must always stay ahead of the knowledge curve, and that’s means you will too. It’s never been more exciting to work in tech, until tomorrow.

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