Relocation: area of work

A graduate job in relocation involves helping employees to move to new areas when changing between jobs or offices.

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Relocation can either be a niche part of an HR professional's job, or a specific role required for large organisations. It involves helping employees to relocate if they are moving a great distance in order to take up a new role with the company.

Some large scale organisations rely on many short-term contracts from an international labour pool, for example, and will therefore offer help in the guise of a relocation officer. Organisations who are moving their workforce from one area of the country to another, or indeed to another country, may also require a relocation professional.

If you work in relocation you may find yourself:

  • helping with the sale of an employee's house and the purchase of a new one
  • setting up NI numbers
  • registering with doctors
  • setting up bank accounts
  • helping with work permits and sponsorship forms
  • presenting cultural support and education

This is a very rewarding role if you like helping people settle in and find their feet in a company, county and/or country.

What's required

A CIPD qualification will stand you in good stead, as will a strong degree. HR experience will be very useful, but you will also need general management and team leadership skills as well as the ability to help and guide others . You'll need a broad knowledge of the company and of the local area, as well as an in-depth understanding of current immigration requirements.

Keep an eye out for job vacancies in the HR trade press both in paper and online.

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