Meet Laasya, Consultant

I think LCP has a friendly, collaborative and supportive environment and is a great place to start working as a graduate.


Laasya Shekaran

Associate Consultant


After finishing my second year at University, I did a six week internship in the Investment Department at LCP. I applied to LCP after some people from the company came to my University to give a talk about what it’s like working here. I thought the people who came were very friendly and encouraging. Since joining as a graduate, I can say that the people who work here are still like that!

My day to day work at LCP is split between doing client work and research. Most of our clients are trustees of pension schemes and we advise them on how they should invest their money so that they have sufficient funds to pay their pensioners now and in the future. My regular client work involves producing reports that monitor how the Scheme’s assets are performing, as well as using LCP’s in-house modelling software to help to set investment strategies for our clients.

I was assigned to an asset class research team within LCP when I joined, so for the first six months I focussed on researching that asset class. I then rotated to a different asset class team for my next six months, which gave me the opportunity to learn something completely different. After the end of the second rotation, I was able to choose which asset class research team I wanted to stay on.

My advice to future graduates… Don’t be put off by the word ‘Investment’ and think that you have to be from a certain kind of background to work in this field. Encouraging a more diverse group of people to apply can only be a positive thing for LCP!

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