Meet Lara , Senior Consultant

Each day in the office is different, and that’s what makes my job enjoyable.


Lara Palmer

Associate Consultant


After my second year of university, I completed a summer internship in the Insurance department at LCP. Everyone was so friendly and approachable that I knew LCP’s culture was exactly the kind of environment I wanted to begin my career. I remember being shocked at how passionately everybody spoke about their work and the firm. One of the best things about LCP is how people you work with end up becoming some of your closest friends.

The support you receive at LCP is great, both in terms of study and wider training and development. Since day one, I have been working with people at all experience levels. Everybody has made sure that I really understand what I’m doing and why I am doing it, which is great for personal development. I was also able to attend client meetings from very early on in my first year at work. This was great in putting the work I do in the office into context and seeing how our clients use it.

One of the main pieces of work we do is reserving, which involves analysing insurance companies’ claims experience and advising them on how much money they need to hold to be able to pay their future claims. We also build and analyse actuarial models and combine this with expert judgement to advise our clients on their financial position. It’s really satisfying being able to use skills you have learnt from your degree in a real business environment.

My advice to future graduates… The actuarial industry is full of very technically strong people. What makes the people at LCP stand out is their communication skills, attitude and personality. This is important when building rapport with colleagues, clients and potential clients. It is so important to be approachable and willing to learn. LCP has taught me that you won’t know what you enjoy until you give it a go. Be open to new opportunities, question as much as you can and always be willing to learn something new.

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