Meet Finley, a Technology Engineering Graduate

A psychology student turned tech whiz, Finley is using his interests and unique experiences to make a future on his own terms. Finley is now a Technology Engineering Graduate.



Technology Engineering Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

Thinking different

“I studied Psychology at uni because it was my strongest A-Level result and I thought it’d be interesting. As I studied though, I realised it wasn’t quite the right fit for my future. Because psychology is deemed a STEM subject, I knew I could transfer out of that degree into something else within the sciences. I always had an interest in tech, so I looked into software engineering.”

Making a change

“To kickstart my new path, I studied with Codecademy to try and learn to code. Luckily, that helped me through the interview process for a Lloyds Banking Group graduate role. It wasn’t so much about how good I was at coding already; it was more about how I approach problem-solving. It meant I could bring more to the table than just technical ability.”

Working your way

“Personally, I’ve found that I learn differently than a lot of other people do. I learn a lot more by picking up information through speaking with people face-to-face, because you can clarify everything during a conversation. It’s that personal connection, a human interaction, that makes a difference for me. I appreciate that people here really give you the time of day.”

Connecting more

“I’ve experienced lot of exposure to different kinds of people in different areas of the business. I find that’s been very beneficial for my future career prospects. It's also been interesting because I enjoy speaking to people with different experiences and perspective. I like hearing what other people are doing and getting a better understanding of what’s going on.”

Challenging perceptions

“There are many misconceptions that people have about what it’s like to work in a place like Lloyds Banking Group. It’s definitely not this massive entity that only cares about the bottom line. They do a huge amount to help customers, colleagues, and the wider community. I was really surprised by how genuine their purpose is and how impactful it is.”

Advocating for better

“As a Lloyds Banking Group graduate, you can get what you want out of your experience when you go about it the right way. There’s a lot of movement that’s possible, a lot of potential to grow within the business. If you try something and you don't really like it, you can always move sideways. And similarly, if you want to move up, you can make it as steep a curve as you want. There’s all the opportunity in the world available. It's just about whether or not you go for it and make your ambitions known. You get out what you put in.”

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