Meet Nazihah, a Data Science Graduate

With an undergraduate and masters degree under her belt, Nazihah wanted to bring change to financial services. She has dreams of bringing more ethics into building models. Nazihah is now a Data Science Graduate.



Data Science Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

Finding your place

“I've always been more mathematically inclined, ever since I was in school. I did my undergraduate study at LSE doing Statistics with Finance, but I was more drawn to statistics. I started doing a programming course, and the part that I liked most about it was the computational thinking aspect of it. I enjoy translating raw data into useful insights that can positively impact millions of individual customers and businesses.”

Projects with purpose

“One of my favourite projects I’ve worked on during my time at Lloyds Banking Group was a Consumer Duty campaign. I was able to work on the campaign from end to end — first seeing the objectives of what we were doing, then translating the data, and then seeing the positive impact on the customers as it was rolled out.”

Empowered to do more

“I’ve been able to introduce new technology to different teams to improve work efficiency. I think, ‘How do we make processes better? How do we make work more efficient? How do we upskill people in the team?’ and I feel empowered to do that. Technology transfer is happening within the team, and it’s bringing all areas of the business into the future.”

Looking forward

“There’s a lot of activity happening now at Lloyds Banking Group, with the main focus being technology and data. They're also expanding the graduate scheme to bring in more early talent, they're building a strong pipeline that will help transform how we work with technology and data. Our insights can be used to make decisions that may positively impact millions of individual customers and businesses.”

Community ties

“Lloyds Banking Group is really inclusive with the hiring for their grad scheme, with graduates coming from diverse educational and social backgrounds. I’ve joined colleague networks that are more specifically about being a woman in tech. These networks build a sense of community and help you understand the different challenges that women in tech may experience, and you get helpful advice on how to navigate those challenges.”

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