Meet Varoosha, a Finance Graduate

When it came to building a meaningful career, relying on a logical mindset was the smart choice for Varoosha. After her work placement with Lloyds Banking Group as a teenager, it was the natural place for her to start her career. She is now a Finance Graduate.



Finance Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

Finance as a foundation

“I did a couple of different work experience programmes during school to see what I liked, and I did a placement at a Lloyds Banking Group branch when I was 16. At that age, you don't really know what finance is, but I knew I really wanted to be in that kind of atmosphere.”

Great expectations

“Lloyds Banking Group set my expectations when I joined, which was reassuring because I have goals to work towards. I’m on a grad scheme, so I'm studying and working full time. The team did a really good job of laying out the structure when I started to let me know what's expected and what the policies are.”

Juggling everything

“Studying and working full time was a bit of a worry for me but I've been given study leave as a mean of support — I've been learning to balance as I progress through the graduate scheme.”

Motivated by change

“I like seeing inclusivity, especially at a big corporate bank. It's refreshing, because stereotypically, that perhaps wasn't the case 10 years ago. It's good to see that things have moved forward and changed. You can see more diverse representation in senior management. It's motivating to see people in those positions, because it feels like I could get there too.”

The right environment

“I think COVID changed the atmosphere of the office a bit. When I did my work experience it was very corporate and people were formally dressed. Now, people are a little bit more laidback. And I think that's probably played to my advantage, to have a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy.”

Putting people first

“Sometimes in finance you can get lost in numbers and you're just producing things for output. When you’re in a placement like the one I’m in, it opens your perspective and helps you understand how your work does really add value to the customers’ lives. You’ve just got to step back and look at the bigger picture.”

Moving on up

“There are lots of graduate training days. I recently attended one that shows you how you can influence people around you. It teaches you to think bigger — rather than just being a team member, how do you make that step towards being a team leader? It’s been so insightful and motivates me to try things outside my comfort zone.”

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