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The Bar is a profession that offers everything. Intellectual challenge, the chance to make a difference in people’s lives, good remuneration and the opportunity to be your own boss. Criminal barristers uphold justice by defending those accused of offences, commercial barristers work for the best interests of their clients on incredibly complex legal matters and public law barristers negotiate on issues that go to the very core of our human rights. Law graduates and non-law graduates (with the help of a conversion course) can apply to train and work as barristers, but competition is incredibly fierce in this field of the legal profession with just a few hundred pupillages on offer each year. You’ll need to work your very hardest to stand out from the competition, not only with your academic grades but in every other aspect of your professional experience. Our advice, collected from the wealth of expertise possessed by those who have trained and worked at the Bar, will give you exclusive insights into what you’ll need to do to make it as a barrister, as well as help you make your decisions about areas of practice and funding your career.


Mini-pupillage decisions and tips

Pay and progression

  • How much will you earn as a pupil barrister?

    Graduates training to become qualified barristers receive pupillage awards from their set of chambers. Which sets offer the highest pupillage awards for 2021? We've surveyed leading chambers – see our results.


Training and qualification

Choosing a pupillage

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