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Science and research and development careers at Johnson & Johnson

21 Jun 2023, 15:41

Find the right graduate job for you at Johnson & Johnson, whether in clinical research, regulatory affairs, medical writing or one of many other science and R&D-focused roles on offer.

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What comes to mind when you think of Johnson & Johnson? For many, it’s personal care products you probably have in your home today. But did you know that Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, responsible for some of the most innovative health advancements of our time?

It has strong roots in science and research that date back more than 130 years: in 1887 the company manufactured the first mass-produced sterile dressings and sutures, helping to save countless patients from fatal infections. In 1888, it introduced the first commercial first aid kit to help injured railroad workers. And that innovative spirit continues today through MedTech advancements like medical devices and surgical robots that make medical procedures more personalised; pharmaceuticals that thwart disease; and data-science-powered initiatives that are unlocking new ways of delivering care.

So, what does Johnson & Johnson do?

Johnson and Johnson is changing the trajectory of health for humanity and helping people across the world lead healthier lives. Specifically, it makes an impact in three key areas:

1. MedTech

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies pioneer medical devices in surgical, orthopaedics and other specialties such as electrophysiology, breast aesthetics and neurovascular interventions. Recent innovations include robotic technology to perform knee replacements without pre-operative imaging, a 3D-printed implant that can aid in the recovery from extreme bone breaks and gaming tech such as virtual reality to train doctors in complex surgical procedures.

2. Pharmaceuticals

You may know the name Janssen because of its COVID-19 vaccine, but the company’s pharmaceuticals business has been working tirelessly for nearly a century to create a future where cancer, dementia and HIV are diseases of the past. The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson focus on areas of medicine where it can make the biggest difference: infectious diseases and vaccines; oncology; immunology; neuroscience; pulmonary hypertension; and cardiovascular, metabolism and retina.

3. Vision

Johnson & Johnson Vision encompasses both vision care and surgical vision, delivering innovative solutions in sight correction (including world-leading surgical technologies and contact lenses); dry eye diagnosis, treatment and management; and vision for cataract patients. One area where innovation is happening: a contact lens that addresses both vision correction and provides relief from itchy eyes caused by allergies – a world-first for eye care.

You can find out more about the key areas of Johnson & Johnson here .

Before you apply, be sure to take the time to read the company’s Credo , which outlines the values that guide every decision at Johnson & Johnson – including hiring and employee development.

Innovation, science and research and development jobs at Johnson & Johnson

Now you know the extent of its reach and scientific expertise, it should come as no surprise that Johnson & Johnson hires students and graduates in a variety of science and research and development roles. It believes that new ideas and an inclusive culture spark breakthroughs that will change the world.

Ready to find a role that’s right for your career? Here are some of your options.

Clinical trials/clinical research

Clinical trials help make the life-saving medicines and high-tech medical devices that Johnson & Johnson works on a reality. In a clinical trials role, you’ll learn exactly how to plan and execute these crucial human research studies. In parallel, the clinical research team provides study support for international trials. They are responsible for tracking, monitoring and documenting clinical studies and liaise heavily with clinical trial project managers and monitors.

Want to know more about clinical trials? Have a read of these two articles:

Drug safety

Also called an international pharmacovigilance (IPV) case management specialist – in this role you’ll work to evaluate drug efficacy and maintain patient safety. While this is an office-based role, you’ll be working with colleagues from around the world.

This job involves collecting and evaluating information from patients and healthcare professionals to identify new information about the use of medicines and any side effects patients may experience. You’ll monitor the company’s pharmaceutical products across their lifecycle to detect, assess, understand and prevent adverse events – and your team will be the first point of contact for any incoming adverse event reports.

Regulatory affairs

As a regulatory affairs teammate, you’ll be involved in all stages of the product lifecycle and will be responsible for managing worldwide product registration activities. If you’re passionate about protecting customers and ensuring that the business complies with all product-related regulations, this could be the role for you.

You can find out more about careers in regulatory affairs at Johnson & Johnson here .

Statistical programming

Would you like to use knowledge of data and programming languages to help advance the medicines in development at Johnson & Johnson? In this role, you’ll plan, design and develop statistical programmes to support clinical research analysis and reporting activities. You’ll join the clinical and statistical programming department, which sits within the company’s Integrated Data, Analytics and Reporting Academy.

While experience using programming languages such as SAS, R and Python is preferred for the role, Johnson & Johnson does provide support and training in this area.

Regulatory medical writing

If your writing skills and scientific acumen are on parallel paths, a role in regulatory medical writing could be the right job for you. You’ll be charged with writing high-quality clinical documents to support the development, regulatory approval and maintenance of the company’s health products. These documents could include clinical protocols, investigator’s brochures and clinical study reports, as well as detailed summaries of efficacy and safety and responses to health authority questions.

Product management/engineering

At Johnson & Johnson, engineering teams help to manufacture products and create new medical breakthroughs, and are responsible for everything from materials sciences and packaging to operations and facilities management.

As a product management/engineering teammate, you’ll be involved in designing and developing medical devices. It’s a diverse area and your work might include generating design concepts, defining product specifications, identifying suitable materials or developing robust in vitro test methodologies.

Engineering degrees such as bio, clinical or medical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, automotive engineering and similar are preferred for these roles.

Student placement, graduate programme or leadership development programme?

At Johnson & Johnson, there isn’t just one type of opportunity available to you. If you’re a current university student, you can join the company for a placement year as part of your degree. Or, if you’re looking for a job after graduation, you can apply for a local graduate programme or a leadership development programme.

What’s the difference? In brief:

  • The leadership development programme is a two-year career acceleration experience, typically focused on one function such as R&D or sales. You’ll experience rotations across multiple roles and sectors within Johnson & Johnson and countries within the EMEA region. The programme focuses on developing future leaders through mentoring and a comprehensive training curriculum.
  • Local graduate programmes are typically one- or two-year programmes in the UK, giving you the chance to experience three or four rotations to develop a breadth of understanding, before going on to specialise when the learning experience ends. These programmes also offer best-in-class training and fast-track development.

Find out more about Johnson & Johnson and its opportunities for students and graduates on its organisation hub and its careers website .

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