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Accountancy and financial management

Financial services and insurance

Investment banking and investment

  • Job hunting decisions and tips: What's it like to work at MUFG?

    Jeremiah Shonde, a rates trader at MUFG, talks to us about his internship, work/life balance, career highlights, training and skills. He also offers advice to current students looking for graduate jobs in finance.


  • Job descriptions: Investment banker – operations: job description

    Investment bank operations staff are responsible for the efficient, accurate, profitable and risk-free clearing and settlement of bank transactions for corporate and government clients.


  • Job hunting decisions and tips: How to succeed in investment banking – tips from women at the top

    At TARGETjobs Events’ inaugural Women in Investment Banking fair, five veteran female investment bankers opened up about their climb to the top and what today’s university students should do to have a successful banking career.


Top tips on finance internships

The Guardian UK 300 2017/18

The Guardian UK 300 2017/18

Find out which companies are among the UK’s most popular graduate employers and get tips from leaders and rising stars in the industry.

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