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Accountancy and financial management

Financial services and insurance

  • Areas of work: Financial planning and wealth management: graduate area of work

    Financial planning is a growth area with high pay-offs for top professionals. Caspar Bartington, relationship manager at the Chartered Insurance Institute, talks to TARGETjobs about this relatively unknown career.


  • Skills and competencies: The top skills retail banking, insurance and actuarial employers want

    To get a graduate job in financial services you need to convince recruiters that you have the skills to do the job well. But which of your skills should you be making a big deal of in your applications and interviews?


  • Areas of work: Insurance: graduate area of work

    Insurance professionals protect both individuals and companies against potential financial risks. Innovative, positive-thinking graduates who are keen to get to grips with both numbers and people in a constantly changing environment would fit well here.


Investment banking and investment

Top tips on finance internships

The Guardian UK 300 2018/19 cover

The Guardian UK 300 2018/19

Find out which companies are among the UK’s most popular graduate employers and get tips from leaders and rising stars in the industry.

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