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Investment banking graduate careers advice

The banking and investment sector makes money work as hard as possible. It’s borrowed, loaned and invested constantly – the financial markets are open 24 hours a day, straddling different time zones. The work is fast-paced and challenging, with early responsibility, high salaries in many areas and a global work environment. You’ll find an overview here of your career options, typical salaries, and advice on standing out during the recruitment process... plus how to get that all-important internship.

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Areas of work

Job descriptions

  • Stockbroker: job description

    Stockbrokers buy and sell securities (eg stocks and shares) on a commission basis on behalf of private and commercial clients.


  • Investment fund manager: job description

    Investment fund managers provide financial advice and services to private and corporate clients about a range of investment matters, including buying and selling investment trusts and shares or bonds, to help these clients invest their money in the best places.


  • Corporate banker: job description

    Corporate bankers provide advice to commercial and private clients about a variety of financial matters, as well as promoting financial services/products to help these clients run their operations.


  • Credit analyst: job description

    Credit analysts assess and make decisions about customer credit applications using a range of criteria including purpose of application, credit viability, customer payment history and customer credit-worthiness.


  • Economist: job description

    Economists use economic concepts, theories and analytical techniques to provide advice and practical information that will aid managerial planning and decision-making tasks.


  • Commodity broker: job description

    Commodity brokers buy and sell commodities on a commission basis on behalf of private and commercial clients.


  • Trader: job description

    Traders are responsible for making prices and executing trades in equities, bonds, commodities and foreign exchange, usually dealing on behalf of, or for the benefit of, investment banks.


  • Investment analyst: job description

    Investment analysts provide stockbrokers, fund managers and stock market traders with financial information, advice and recommendations derived from global investment data.


  • Investment banker - corporate finance: job description

    Investment bank corporate financiers provide financial services and advice to commercial and government clients about various financial matters including fund and debt management, mergers, flotations, acquisitions and privatisation.


  • Investment banker – operations: job description

    Investment bank operations staff are responsible for the efficient, accurate, profitable and risk-free clearing and settlement of bank transactions for corporate and government clients.