Accountancy and financial management


Accountancy work is at the heart of how businesses are run. Global demand for accountancy and financial management skills means that once you qualify in the profession you can compete for roles across a broad range of services in every sector and business imaginable, from small enterprises, public sector organisations and charities to large multinational organisations. You’ll find an overview here of your career options, typical salaries, and advice on standing out during the recruitment process... and getting professionally qualified.

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Job descriptions

  • Accountant: job description

    Accountants are employed by organisations or private clients to audit accounts, provide financial advice and undertake accounts administration.


  • Corporate treasurer: job description

    Corporate treasurers undertake a range of risk, strategic and/or general financial management activities that enable companies to maintain or improve/maximise their financial position.


  • Accounting technician: job description

    Accounting technicians work for both private and public sector organisations, where they undertake a wide range of accountancy, financial and taxation tasks.


  • Tax inspector: job description

    Tax inspectors calculate the tax liability of businesses and individuals, check tax returns and identify tax evasion.


  • Auditor: job description

    Auditors perform (internal) financial and risk management audits and independent statutory (external) financial audits of commercial and public sector organisations.


  • Financial manager: job description

    Financial managers work within the public and private sector where they are responsible for providing financial advice and undertaking related accounts administration.


  • Management accountant: job description

    Management accountants aid managerial planning and commercial decision-making tasks by providing appropriate financial information and undertaking related accounts administration.