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UK 300: top barristers chambers

…as voted for by students and graduates

The UK 300 features the most comprehensive annual survey of student opinion on graduate careers, employers and their own job hunts; more than 71,000 students and graduates took part. The survey determines not only the most popular 300 graduate employers in the UK overall, but also the most popular graduate employers in a range of career sectors, including in law.

The top chambers and organisations that offer pupillages are listed in the table below. We can see that the government organisations – the Crown Prosecution Service and the Government Legal Profession – once more top the list, but they are joined by chambers practising across a mix of legal areas. Blackstone, Kings and One Essex Court, for example, are known for their commercial practices, while 2 Bedford Row is known for crime and Queen Elizabeth Building for family.

Students interested in becoming barristers…

  • are the most likely of students across all sectors in our survey to have undertaken an unpaid internship: 68% of aspiring barristers in our survey reported being unpaid for an internship (NB: not necessarily a mini-pupillage or other law-related piece of work experience)
  • by the time of their final year are more likely than average to have completed voluntary work (63% of finalists had, compared to a 50% average) and are also more likely to prioritise the chance to make a difference when choosing organisations (62% said it was a ‘very important’ factor, compared to 52% on average and 51% of solicitors)
  • place more importance on having excellent role models within an organisation than all other students – 44% rated it as a ‘very important’ factor, the highest percentage across all sectors, which perhaps reflects an understanding of how important the right pupillage supervisor is.

NB: Percentages have been rounded.


Crown Prosecution Service

Last year: 1


Government Legal Service

Last year: 2

Law solicitors


Last year: 4

Law barristers


Kings Chambers

Last year: 3

Law barristers


No5 Chambers

Last year: 7

Law barristers


Last year: 10

Law barristers


Matrix Chambers

Last year: 6

Law barristers


Queen Elizabeth Building

Law barristers


2 Bedford Row

Last year: 9

Law barristers


Brick Court Chambers

Law barristers


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